Add-A-Pearl necklaces begin with one cultured pearl on a chain. Additional pearls can be purchased to mark the special occasions in your favorite girl’s life. From her first birthday to becoming a beautiful bride, pearl additions can be added one at a time or an inch at a time. You may wish to collect several pearls to add in groupings at a later date.


Start-Her-Necklaces can be purchased in 5mm, 6mm, 7mm. They contain a single cultured pearl on a 14k yellow gold 15” chain.

5mm $95

6MM $115


7mm $125


Add-A-Pearls can be purchased as singles or by the inch. Smaller, larger, and half-sizes are available upon request.

5mm $13.60

6mm $21.25

7mm $38.25


5mm Inch $68

6mm Inch $85

7mm Inch $114.75

Adding pearls

Throughout the years, continue to add to her necklace as you celebrate special moments in her life. Each time pearls are added, the pearls are re-strung and knotted with care. Two or more inches of pearls can be added to the necklace at no additional charge. Pearls under two inches can be added for a small fee.