Vietri Aladdin Antique Ivory Lasagna Server


With elegant pearlized handles and the strength of high-grade acrylic and 18/10 stainless steel, the Aladdin Antique Ivory Lasagna Server is as useful as it is graceful. Perfect for the classic Italian meal, the lasagna server joins the Aladdin Antique Ivory collection as its quintessentially Italian piece.


Handcrafted in Italy

Acrylic Handles - Slabs of raw Italian material are first cut into long strips, and artisans shave the material to obtain smoothness and shine. The strips are then cut and carved into the handle's shape. Next, the handles are sanded and the pieces are rolled in a mixing machine with pumice, plaster, and water to create a shined handle. Afterwards, the handles are polished by rolling in a tumbler with small beads for 24 hours before they are then assembled.